A few days ago Angelina reported to my chambers.  He has been sent by his Mother, who has heard great things of the hard discipline that I use to correct her Angelina…to put Angelina firmly in her place!!

Present to start the morning at 9.30am prompt, and he must follow a strict schedule – lesson begins 10am…and detention by 10.30.

There is a special room prepared for the purpose of Angelina’s detention and punishment.  Angelina is at the mercy of not just myself, but also Mistress Abaddon…who is just as cruel as I am.  Mistress Abaddon and I are awesome partners in dealing out discipline without mercy!!  Rope bondage and suffocation are Mistress Abaddon’s particular kinds of evil.  And Angelina is in very serious need of hard discipline and punishment!

We order Angelina to strip ready for disciplinary…but what do we find hidden under her tights and around her hip???  A BULLET VIBE with its remote on full power…for Angelina’s filthy stimulaton!!!  Angelina is mortified that we have discovered her dirty little craving for bullet vibe and we can include the use of it into Angelina’s course of discipline, whilst we have her securely tied up!!  We have ordered Angelina to explain the workings of the bullet vibe.  She confesses that she is addicted to it, and so it gives us great amusement to tease and torment Angelina with the bullet!

But that is simply the beginning.  Angelina receives a great deal of heavy duty punishments from us.  We release her from the bondage horse…only to then have her secure in the bondage chair with repeated torture of suffocation bag!!

For the end, Mistress Abaddon and I decide that Angelina will serve very well as our personal toilet slave for us both!!  With Angelina’s head locked into the Toilet Box, FACE DOWNWARDS, so that she is totally trapped, and so she is unable to turn over or release herself.

Now fully secured in the Toilet Box, Mistress Abaddon and I take it turns to crop Angelina’s behind and also to press and force her head down if she fails to properly lick clean the toilet box!!!  IF WE SEE THAT HER TOUNGE HAS MISSED EVEN THE MOST TINY DROPS OF OUR PISS, WE PRESS ANGELINA’S FACE HARD INTO OUR LEFT OVER PISS!

Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress