So during this last week I had Angelina report to me for training.

She carried with her a letter from Mother.  (And now for me to add right here… before I say anything else… ideas of Angelina’s mother writing to me to ask to train up daughter Angelina is entirely fantasy of a grown adult…and Angelina is grown adult).

So when I order Angelina into my chambers, and then had her tightly secured and restrained, Angelina then also realises that this day is also going to be something of an occasion…with guests present…and a new training experience for Angelina.  And it is now that I can also share with Angelina the training that Mother has requested for Daughter.  The last time I spoke to Mother, I happened to ask if Angelina had ever sucked cock, as this was subject was some embarrassment to Angelina!!  Mother was most surprised that Angelina hadn’t even had a first experience of sucking even just one cock!!

Well…Mrs H (that’s the fantasy Mother), and I, were both agreed that it was high time that Angelina faced this important lesson!!

Now, back to the situation…Angelina is now in state of being completely helpless, with simple taping and  pair of mitts, I made her speak out and confess both to me, and the invited guests, how much she wanted to feel several cocks in her mouth…to suppose to make up for her never having experienced even a single cock in her mouth!!

So just to add some tease and deprivation of Angelina…I order her to beg of the pleasure of her being able to suck off a whole party of cocks!!  BEGS VERY EAGERLY!!!  SO ANGELINA DEFINITELY CONSENTS!!!   Of course there were rules to be respected – cocks had to be inside condoms, and anal play… from both Angelina and guests…most strictly forbidden!!!  Only I was allowed to punish Angelina – with the crop, spank or a slap – if I found that Angelina became stubborn or resisted!!

This training is taking part during Angelina’s school term time.  So Mother requests that Angelina must be in uniform and stay in uniform!!!  THE REAL ST. TRINIANS LOOK – ANGELINA LOOKS VERY ROUGH TRADE IN TIGHTS!!! GUESTS WELCOME TO CUM ON ANGELINA’S TIGHTS AND UNIFORM!!!

This detention and training of Angelina is intended to be punishment for Angelina being extremely rude to both Mother and Mother’s friends!!

Finally, I don’t think Angelina seems punished by being made to be a cum soaked cocksucker – seems she enjoys it!!!  I managed to film Angelina on the job of being cum soaked cocksucker on video and photos which I shared with Angelina’s mother.

By 12.30pm training finished, and sometime soon I shall meet up with Mrs H for a charming afternoon of tea and cakes!!


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress