Last night, I went to a private BDSM party, with my Mistress friends – Mistress Jay and Mistress Helena.

Mistress Jay also brought a lot of her friends from the vanila side, but curious of the BDSM scene.

Me and my friend, Master Hyde, met everybody at this private party.

One woman, in particular, made a great impression upon us – regarding how very attractive she was, and the personal background she shared with us.  She told us she liked to receive spanking and caning, and she also enjoyed being nipple-clamped.   Basically, she said “I’ll do anything”.

Mistress Helena over-heard a part of this conversation, and commented “You seem a very naughty type!”

“Oh yes, you bet I am!”

“You’re just the kind of slut that we’ve been looking for” (Helena’s reply).

“I do miss the spanks, the caning, the clamps…and all!”

We packed inside a ladies toilet.

“We want to see just how slutty you can be!”  

With that, she lifted her dress, to show that she was knickerless –  and shaven!  (you can see pictures of this on my Twitter)

“Now that you’ve told us this, and displayed yourself, you can be our plaything tonight – the possibilities are endless!”

We tied her onto a St Andrew’s cross, then applied clamps to her, fastened pegs on her pussy lips!

Mistress Jay gave her a good whipping, with a willy whipper, across her pussy!  We then unhooked her from the cross, turned her around, and then gave her a fierce whipping!   I said “next time you’ll get an  arse caning!” 

“Oh, yes Mistress, please…!!!”

She loved all that!  A very natural sub-girl!

Remember – take a good look at the pictures on my twitter.

Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Huddersfield Mistress