Jane booked a three hour session the other day as she wanted to take me out for a meal before her punishment .

She arrived dead on time and told me she was not wearing any knickers under her short skirt and that she would have to be very careful not to reveal too much in the restaurant.

As we enjoyed the food and a couple of glasses of wine, she asked me to tell her exactly how I intended to punish her when we got to my chambers.

Slowly I began to describe the spanking she would receive on her bare bottom, how red it would be and how much it would hurt.

I went on, telling her about the Strap and how it would feel as it landed for the first, second, third time…and so on to the tenth, eleventh and twelfth time.

I described,  in detail, the feeling she would have as she lay across the spanking bench, ready to receive the cane, and the pain as the strokes found their target!!

As my words painted a vivid picture, I could see that she was incredibly excited by the expectation of what was to come!!!

So we didn’t have a dessert, left the restaurant and just walked up the road to return to my chambers.

Jane told me that she had really wanted to tell everyone in the restaurant what was going to happen to her, but decided it best and  wiser that it be kept as our secret!!!

Of course, anybody who reads this, and sees me dining with Jane in future, will know exactly what she will be getting to finish her meal!!!


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress