Hi again,

It’s high time for some fresh blogging from me so here goes!

Just to let you know that I  have three new dragon canes, and a new over-the-knee cane!!!  These canes are from a regular customer of mine, who comes once a month.

So, when he’s about to make an appointment with me, this is the way it is styled, because he has to be sure that his wife is out of the way – at the hairdressers – for the coast  to be clear for him to get away to see me!

On the day of his appointment with me, the first thing is that I receive a  text from him, such as: I’m on the bus – so to confirm that the wife is out of the way and he is free to come

At 10 in the morning  (prompt) I get a knock at my door.  And I open the door to see him on the step holding a long tube – containing the dragon canes!

He greets me – “Hello, Mistress Tania, great to see you again!!”  I reply: “Hi to you too, come in and we’ll see what these dragon canes look like!!”

We open the tube and I  find three beautiful dragon canes, of three different strengths – colour coded with sticky tape at the handles to symbolise the strength of each – the strongest appropriately marked a deep red – to give a  real dragon heat on the backside!!

Along with the dragon canes, he also presented me with a much smaller cane when compared to the others, and I asked him “what is the purpose of this size of cane?”

“It is specific for over-the-knee caning, Mistress!”  “A very neat size for anything of OTK!”

That’s impressive I said – “never heard of, or seen, a cane just for OTK before!”  “But I would be interested to know how you’re already so sure of the strength of these dragon canes?  So sure of them that they’re colour coded for reference?!”

“When the wife’s been out to the shops over the last few weeks, I’ve been disciplining myself with each cane – in gradual stages – from the mildest to the strongest – hiding myself away in my garage to make these experiments on myself!”

“Well, I think I’ll try the OTK on you first – a test of its strength on your arse!”

The OTK cane was creating a very  nice heat to his backside!  Well, I asked him if it was AND HE TOLD ME IT WAS!!  And his reddening backside was the proof so!

So I then proceeded with the dragon canes!  “Remind me?  Which is the strongest?”

“Red for the strongest – and I  mean the strongest – so I would plead with you to secure me to the whipping bench, because I’m likely to jump sharply with the shock from the cane strokes!”

“Well in that case, I said, I’ll get much more fun from going straight to the  strongest dragon cane I can use across your backside – about  30 strokes, I think, should not be too much for you!!!

On the third stroke of the dragon cane, he screamed out…”FOR GOD’S SAKE NOT THIRTY – MY BACKSIDE’S ON FIRE ALREADY! !”


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress