Today, I had a customer  that I see every couple of months.

He is into spanking, strapping and caning – he also likes me to talk about what I’ve been doing to other customers in the dungeon.

What caught his interest on my website are the blogs about Jane and her husband – he asked if it was all true about them both – all true – of course!

Believe it or not, after I had finished with that customer, I then gets a phone call from Jane – uncanny that – to say that they’re both just half an hour away, and could they have an appointment together! 

So, half an hour on,  there’s a knock at my door and they both come in.  I say to Jane “are you going or staying?”. 

Jane says: “He’s going to have half an hour, and then I’ll have the other half  of the time”. 

OK, says I.  So her husband took his clothes off, and got over my knee for his bare bottom spanking.

“A really hard bare bottom spanking for him!” – said Jane.  Then her husband turned red in the face with embarrassment!

So I turned around, swift, to Jane, and said “Now, you!”  

“No, not yet, Mistress, he hasn’t had the strap or the red handled cane yet!!!”

“Well I can’t wait to get to work on your arse, Jane!”

So I dished out some hard, heavy spanking and strapping on the husband – then…“Now, over my knee for yours, Jane – no arguments – who’s meant to be the Mistress, you or me?!!”

Husband gets dressed saying “I’m going into town now for a while, so my wife’s all yours, Mistress!”

“You heard what your husband said, Jane…now strip, off with your knickers!!”

Jane went into a submissive state, which is as she ought to be – because last time she was quite cocky – telling me I wasn’t mean enough as a Mistress – I hadn’t forgotten that from Jane!

So, with that memory in mind, I gave Jane a really hard spanking – harder than the first spanking I gave to her!

She screamed fit for the whole street to hear, and forgetting herself – that fucking hurt, Mistress!!!”

She tried to pull away from my hold  – “Oh no lady, I said, pulling  her back violently over my knee – you’ll take the punishment until I say it’s done!!”  “You need to feel that I spank hard… and spank to hurt – then I’ll do you with my strap!!”


Signing off

Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress