I got a phone call from Jane on Wednesday.

“Can you fit him in at short notice?”

“How short is short notice?” (I asked)  15 minutes (was the reply).

Well it’s a good thing I’m here,  on the spot right now and ready to receive him!

So, in 15 minutes prompt, I have a knock on the door, and sure enough I find it is him!  “Well, this is a surprise, back so soon, how nice!!!”

He comes in, but before I order him to strip, I spot the carrier bag he’s brought!!

“What’s in the shopping bag?  I demand that you tell me what you’ve been shopping for!”

“Not shopping, Mistress!  Discretion!”  “The wife has packed me a pair of punishment pants!!” 

So I order him to put on the pants on! 

He receives his usual – bare bottom spankings – everything red – red belt, red handle cane – red arse!


Signing off,

Mistress Tania

Mature Huddersfield Mistress