The person I saw today I had actually expected last week. He is a customer of mine with a leather fetish.

I wanted an explanation out of him for his delay, because I had texted him to check if he was still on for his appointment as originally planned.

“I’m very sorry Mistress that I couldn’t get to my appointment with you last week – I was at work on a roofing job.”

“WITH NOT EVEN A TEXT TO EXPLAIN THE SITUATION TO ME – NO EXCUSE  (I replied)”.  I delivered a hard slap across his face…and warned him “YOU’RE MY SLAVE, AND YOU’RE GOING TO SHOW ME RESPECT!”

“YES, MISTRESS, I’LL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU (he replied)”.  “HOW CAN I BEGIN TO MAKE IT UP TO YOU, MISTRESS?”   “Well, this for a start…and I booted him in his cock and balls – without warning!”  He doubled up sudden with the shock of my kicking him – at which I burst out into laughter!

As he went down to his knees, I  dragged him up by his hair, to get him stood up again. I said “NOW GET OVER THAT SPANKING STOOL, AND I’M GOING TO GIVE YOUR ARSE THE HARDEST FUCKING ITS EVER HAD!!!”

So at the end of that disciplinary, he now understands that, if he has to miss an appointment with me in future, a text from him to explain and apologise would be appreciated.

If he forgets to do that, when I see him again it will be another kick in his cock and balls – just for starters!

Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress