You may remember that a few weeks ago I blogged about Jane and her husband each seeing me on the same day, but at separate times, each to receive hard bare-bottom spankings.

They hadn’t told each other that they both intended to see me in separate appointments.

I hadn’t heard anything from either Jane or her husband since that…until today when they both called.

They said they wanted to use my chambers to punish each other, with me watching.  And to add to the occasion they wanted me to decide whether the spankings, strappings and canings they would deal out to each other were being hard enough.

I have to say that Jane was not very good at spanking, but terrific with the strap and cane!!  She didn’t hold back at launching strap and cane across husband’s behind!!

On the other hand, husband gave out good, hard spankings to Jane, but scored very poor otherwise!  Far too soft when using strap and cane on her!!

So to finish them off, and send them home with a very red arse to both, I had them over the spanking stool – I took Jane first with six of the best to her! Then him with a dozen of the best!!

They both went home happy…or something like that…if having a red raw arse makes you happy!!


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress