Another weekend just finishing…and I’m sure you will agree that weekends are gone…in no time!!!

My availability has always included weekends…even Sunday hours too!!

All Mistresses receive plenty of time wasting calls, from people trying to get a 0800 conversation, without any intention of booking for a session.

I also receive a large number of time wasting calls – daily – long past my business hours.  Some as late as 11 and 12 at night.

POLITE NOTE TO PEOPLE PHONING ME FOR THE FIRST TIME; Please understand that I am not a lifestyle mistress, and my genuine customers fully understand and respect that.  My genuine customers also respect the fact that calls to me should be made at a civilised time of day.

The latest time of day that I will take a call is 7pm.  Also, if you are phoning me for the first time, please don’t ask me for details as a 0800 type conversation with me.

I do not hesitate to block time-wasters, and where I can see the number of time- wasters phoning me again, you can be sure that I will have marked the number as “time waster”.


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress