This morning I had a regular customer in.  He is into leg and foot fetishes.  He just can’t get enough of the fetish because he sees me every Saturday.

Once I get him inside, I seat myself down…and I order him strip naked and to kneel down at my feet!!!

I am wearing an old pair of strappy fashioned sandals, with fully fashioned stockings – it is important that I have worn the stockings for long enough that they have a sweaty odour.

So, as said, I have him kneeling in front of me, and I order him to unfasten just one of my sandals at a time – I push the soles of my feet straight into his face.  I order him to take a good smell of my sweaty stockinged feet.  I wedge my stockinged toes up against his nostrils so that he gets a stronger smell of my sweat.

So I allow him to worship my ripe sweaty stockinged feet until I judge that he is getting the urge to wank himself off…BUT I MAKE HIM WAIT FOR THAT!!!

I have electrics fastened to his cock and balls.  I now order him to stand up in front of me.  I sharply increase the strength of torture to his vulnerable areas!!!

I let him recover from the CBT on my dungeon floor.  When he has recovered just enough, I ORDER HIM TO BEG ME (BUT TO BEG NICELY) FOR PERMISSION THAT HE MAY WANK HIMSELF OFF!!!


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress