Neil – a very valued customer of mine – came for a session yesterday.

Neil phoned me, a couple of days before, to tell me he was now due for another caning.

Neil’s caning fantasy stems back from his schooldays – especially the caning house – where the rude, filfthy-minded schoolboys queued up to have their bare bottoms thrashed.

Usually, it was the Headmaster that did the thrashing, and Miss Antrobus had a kink for watching the schoolboys receive their thrashings.

But, occasionally, Miss Antrobus would be rather keen to have a good go at dealing out the punishment, at the Headmaster’s invitation.

Neil’s favourite scenario was to first receive a round of thrashings from the Headmaster, with Miss Antrobus sat witnessing the punishment.

Neil would turn his gaze – from staring at the floor – to staring up Miss Antrobus’ skirt – to catch a look at what kind of knickers Miss Antrobus was waring.

Miss Antrobus would then catch Neil staring and leering up at her…”Headmaster, that vulgar boy is staring up at my skirt and knickers, and I do believe he is imaging how I look…without knickers!!”

Headmaster is outraged…”certainly, Miss Antrobus, take my hardest cane and give that boy two dozen of the best!!!”

“THOSE WERE MY LUCKY AFTERNOONS” thinks Neil, reflecting back on schoolday punishment.  “IF ONLY MISS ANTROBUS HAD GIVEN MY BALLS A GOOD SQUEEZE TOO!!!”

So, nowadays, I give him his two dozen…plus a few good squeezes on his balls!!!

Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress