It’s a few days since the last blog to my website, so here’s a note of what I’ve been up to in the dungeon recently.

Yesterday afternoon, I did a four-hour session with a regular customer.  He’s into bondage, and one of the best things with this customer is that I can multi-task and see to another slave at the same time, without objection from my four-hour guy.

He’s also into being fucked up the arse.  So I put him on my fetters stretching rack, tied him up – and shoved the largest butt-plug that I’ve got…straight up his arse!

Whilst my customer was all tied up and plugged up, I got a text message from Mistress Helena – she had a customer and asked if she could bring him down.  So, that was fine for Helena to do, because as I’ve said, my customer doesn’t mind someone else being in, as he likes to be a piece of  the human furniture inside my dungeon!

I asked Helena what her customer was into.  Helena’s customer was into forced-bi, so this was a chance to have some fun in the afternoon. 

So, we paired up Helena’s forced-bi with my customer.  I said to Helena “I’m going to remove this butt-plug from him” (my customer) “and have your slave fuck my customer – for our afternoon’s entertainment!!”

“This should be a good performance!” – laughed Mistress Helena.

Helena and I both like to see our customers perform a sex act on each other – it gives us both a great laugh – regardless of whether our customers enjoy what we force them to do. 

After all, it is the job of a Mistress to make their customers either like it – or lump it!


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress