An unusual Adult Baby revisited my Dungeon today.  He visits regularly.  A good “sploshing” is the best description I can make of what we got up to with our specimen of Adult Baby.

We, meaning myself, of course, but also Mistress Helena who I invited in for coffee, and to have some amusement at the expense of this creature bound in an adult-sized nappy!

The “sploshing” – this is the Adult Baby’s shopping list of custard, mushy peas and rice pudding – all these create a disgusting, gungy nappy load.  He likes these to be tipped down inside the front of his nappy!

He looked scared witless!  He normally does in any case, as he is extremely submissive, but on this occasion it was the audience of Mistress Helena that sent him into  greater scares!  Then I said to him, whilst getting the tin opener, “what on earth is up with you!!  You should think yourself lucky to have Mistress Helena present, here, now, at the right moment!!  She’s got a bloody sight more patience with you sorts than I ever have!!”

“Just watch this” I said to Helena, she was at the point of laughing fit to piss herself!  “Hold on to your laughter, Helena, until you’ve seen the rest of this!  You will see that I have in front of me three open tins of sloppy, uncooked food, including a waste of good mushy peas!” 

On the floor of the dungeon, the Adult Baby was pulling a blue bin liner up around his nappy and waist – “What on earth is the purpose of that bin liner!!” asked my guest Helena.  “The bin liner is to try and catch all this sloppy mix as I pour it into his nappy!” (Bursting to laugh, whilst sipping down her coffee, Helena struggled not to start choaking).

“What would you like to pour down his nappy, Helena?”  I turned to the adult baby, and said to him, “as Mistress Helena is our guest, she should have the first pick of what we tip down your nappy, eh??”

He just gurgled stupidly! 

“Oh, the mushy peas would make a really gross mess – more than even the other stuff”, said Helena, and if I shovel some of the mushy peas into his mouth, it’ll give him a thirst, so we really ought to do him a couple of feeding bottles of our amber nectar”

Hey, good idea, said I, (and the stupid adult baby was gurgling with excitement at the thought!)

So, in a few minutes, we had the adult baby in a proper mess of mushy peas, along with rice pudding and the custard, swamping his nappy and mushy peas caked inside his mouth!

“Now Adult Baby, hurry up and give us a show, before the amber nectar we’ve made goes cold!”   Then Helena instructed him to shag up and down on his baby’s blanket with his erect cock!!”

After a few minutes of the Adult Baby thrusting his cock into the food and his blanket, in time to our wild fits of laughter, Helena stopped him abruptly.  “No cum until you’ve drunk these bottles we’ve prepared for you!!”

“But before we watch you drink every drop, just let us wash your face”, said Helena.  We took turns to shower our spit on his face – he loved this so much, he burst into goo-goo’s, and talk of baby like spits!”  “Oh, he’s really a cute one, said Helena, don’t you just want to cover him in spit, as we both burst again into wild laughter  at our Adult Baby”.


Signing off,


Mistress Tania, Huddersfield

Mature Yorkshire Mistress