A lot of my CP customers are of the generation where, in their school days, they could have a thrashing with a slipper for the least little thing!

If the slipper didn’t improve their behaviour, they would be dealt a hard and painful  caning – six of the best from the Head.  But, before they got their caning, the Headteacher would drag the pupil, by an ear, through to the Study – to deal out a verbal humiliation!

If you are new to the scene, and maybe you’d like to have a CP session with me, and if your of an age where you don’t believe such punishment ever happened at school…try this suggestionif you think you’re hard enough!

Perhaps I may catch you wanking in the bike sheds!

I may start your punishment by pushing you down the corridor towards my study, just pausing to give you a clout with the copy of Mayfair which I saw you wanking over!

Before I give you a six of the best, I may ask you to show me your favourite page out the magazine – the woman you wank over the most!  As part of the punishment, I may tear that page out and insist you chew and swallow the page – if you refuse to do this I’ll double the punishment – to a 12 of the best!

Perhaps you fantasise of a dinner lady giving you a bare bottom spanking for not eating up the slop that was served at school dinner!

I’ve never been asked to be the dinner woman from hell before, but there’s always a first time!  I could start your session as the dinner woman you hated, giving you a bare bottom spanking – bare leg spanking if you’re wearing shorts – then finish with six of the best – with me as Headteacher!

Signing off

Mistress Tania

Mature Huddersfield Mistress