I am Mistress Tania, based in Yorkshire.  I have a wide range of experience –  professional, varied scenarios of CP and role play to those who wish for every degree of humilation, depravation and control. 


One guy that especially stands out is Tony B.

In his sessions he gives up all control to me – keys, wallet  – all!!   His mobile phone and passport he must also hand over to me!  

ALL HIS MEANS OF ESCAPE AND GETTING AWAY – HE MUST HAND OVER TO ME WITHOUT ARGUMENT!  When he takes off his male clothes for session, he must also give these to me to be locked away.   

Today, he texted me to ask had I got the letter he had sent.  So excited about visiting and being my slave, but also he knows he has no say in what I do to him!  If he does not behave, then I get to punish him in the ways he most fears.  But in his texts, at the same time as he’s wanting degradation, he tries to barter to make the humilation not as agressive!   This just makes me more angry and determined to make him properly obedient!

A message to you, Tony B, if you want to be my maid slave, as you ask, you’d better understand slaves and maids follow orders!  What I order you to do is an order!

I received a contract he had signed, but then a text from him today hinted that perhaps I want to tear the contract up!   But just what the fuck is all this I wonder!  He is a slave, sending me contracts, but trying to soften up my authority over him.   

Where was the space for my signature to make the contract valid???

This seems like whimping out to me!!  You’ll have your worst fears realised on Friday for that – you know what your fears are!!

Last time he came, when I suspected he was being stubborn and resisting my discipline over him,  I ordered him to go to the chip shop, in cross dress wear.  He was there, in the middle of a lunch time queue, for at least 15 minutes, and he told me that the girl serving couldn’t give up staring at him!!

So, on Friday, I’ll deal you something different for your worst fear!!  The Chip Shop again would be letting you off lightly!

There’s a grocers at the bottom of my road – send you there I will.


Signing off

Mistress Tania,

Mature Yorkshire Mistress