I am Mistress Tania, based in Yorkshire.  I have a very great experience of  dealing out all degrees of  Domination –  from moderate through to the very hardest levels of  fem-dom cruelty, and the dominant female in role-play scenarios of any scale!

Tony, B

I gather from the texts you sent that my recent blog was very well received.  How are you going to sleep at nights until Friday?   How are you going to concentrate at work until Friday?  I think these are your problems, matey!  

I don’t need to see or read a contract from you in order to take control over you!  You weren’t “desperately” trying to barter with me – it’s just what I’ve always noticed you do every time – and that habit of yours raises my anger!!!  You will be truly sorry!!

Yes, it does get busy down my street in the middle of the day – there are busy bus stops on the street, with nosey folk that whisper to each other saying “What the fuck does that TV look like!  The one that’s just tripped arse over tit on the pavement in those stupid high heels!”

I did say I would send you to the grocers down the road didn’t I??

Oh well, it was late when I did the blog and I shouldn’t have given you any clue. Tell you what:  I’ll decide where to send you on Friday – I’ll send you a good walk – enough said until Friday!

Signing off,

Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress