I am Mistress Tania, based in Yorkshire.  I have a wide range of experience –  professional, varied scenarios of CP, fem-d0m and role play to those who wish for every degree of humilation, depravation and control. 


On Friday, I had to admit to being impressed with Tony B’s self control at keeping himself in a cock cage on the drive to my chambers, without making a stop at a service station to unfasten himself from it.

I’m glad you enjoyed my strength of mind-blowing sadism, Tony B! 

The experience of having being shut up inside my cellar and the threat of your worst fear – forcing you to have my you-know-what, if you dis-obeyed me – even to the slightest!!

And, whilst you read my blogs until our next meeting, remember what I said about bartering with me to try to get me to soften my domination over you!  No bartering – ever again – is that understood, Tony B?  

That must also be clearly understood by anyone else who tries bartering with me once you’ve agreed on the strength of  fem-dom you are able to take from me!!

Signing off

Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress