This afternoon, Mistress Helena and I both sessioned a customer who I usually see in the Autumn and Winter.

Autumn and Winter are key to this customer’s fetish.   Time of year when women are out in their knee length boots.

He will hang around practically anywhere that women are either wearing, or trying on, knee-length boots – his boot fetish.  At work, you find him hanging around the desks of the female colleagues, to perv at their knee-length boots.

This fetish, at his office, has got so bad and noticeable, that he tells me he was called to a disciplinary interview with his boss – to discuss a number of complaints that his female colleagues had made against him.

Mistress Helena and I arranged some disciplinary of our own to  cure his perversion for women in boots.

We ordered him to report for punishment – hard punishment with cane – 50 strokes of the cane (half each from myself and Helena).  Also for us both to give him a hard kicking in his balls.

He walked in, looking scared, as he ought to do.  We were both wearing our knee length boots.  He couldn’t take his eyes off our legs in our knee length boots!

“He just can’t stop himself from his perversion” Helena and I commented to each other.  We now ordered him to strip – completely – and already we noticed cock juice about to drip from his cock –  it dripped onto our boots!

“You filthy pervert!”  I said with anger – “You disgust me!” joined Helena.

“What you need, pervert, is some hard discipline!”

We each gave him three sharp kicks in his balls from our knee length boots – this made him fall to the floor in pain!  Then we strung him up to our suspension, and we went on the attack with the 50 strokes we promised him.  We made him cry out how much he deserved each thrash with our canes!

Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress