Today, I got a call from a customer asking for a session of bondage  in the afternoon.

He said he wanted a session for the whole afternoon if possible.

Told him I could only session him for about an hour at most, as I was all set to meet Master Hyde at a restaurant for the afternoon.

“But you could leave me bound up, while you go to your lunch..!”   Which I told him there was no chance of that.

But then an idea came to me… I said  “for the rest of your session, you’ll have to lie down across the back seat of my car underneath a blanket, because I’m not going to have your sort fuck up my social life at weekends!”

So, with the slave in my car, underneath a blanket, I drove off to meet Master Hyde.  We then travelled on to the restaurant.

But the slave in the back was wriggling and fidgeting under the blanket, and nudging into the backs of our seats!  “What have you got living on the back seat of your car?   Have you been to the pet shop again?” asked Hyde.

“Let’s see what sort of creature you’ve got hidden away?” said Hyde staring down at the blanketed shape (knowing, of course, that the thing under the blanket was of human shape).

Yanking the blanket away,  I said “we have an extra guest for the Sunday drive!”

“I hope you’ll give us no cause to throw you out and throw you into the nearest canal.”   “That’s what will happen if you don’t stop fidgeting underneath the blanket.”  

“This is Sunday and I’ve had my limit from you slaves this week!”

We got to the restaurant, and gave a warning to the slave.

“Just fucking behave yourself, no wriggling in the car – don’t draw anybody’s attention – don’t tap on the windows and no drama crap of being adbucted!” 

“If we overhear any discussion that gives you away, we’ll be out of the restaurant in a flash, and you’ll be bloody sorry!”

“The least little thing to dis-please us, Slave, and you’ll be thrashed  to within an inch of your life!” said Hyde.

In the restaurant, we sat down to our meal.

As we ate, we discussed the slave.  “I think some punishment is in order!” said Hyde.   “Good lord, you wouldn’t session on Christmas Day would you, even though money is money?!”

“I do session on Sundays, but, yes, there are limits” (I replied).

So, we had a plan made, finished our meal and returned to check on the slave inside!

We drove past a hill top that had a shallow stream running at its foot.  We unfastened the slave – just enough for him to straighten up and get out of the car.

At the hill top, we ordered him to lie down and we fastened him up again at the ankles, and replaced his gag.

We both began to push and roll the slave down the hillside!

After a little pushing and rolling from us, the slave then began to roll for himself, under his own weight, down the hillside.

We both burst out laughing, and we had to break into a run to keep up with the slave’s rolling body, rolling  fast, down the steep drop of the hill. 

He landed, with a splash, into the shallow stream!

“That serves you right, for spoiling my afternoon” I said.

“Perhaps I should leave you in the stream for a month, and come back for you in November!”

Signing off,


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress