I got a phone call today, at about midday, and it was Jane – Ian’s wife.  This was a surprise as Jane had never been in touch before at weekends.

But Jane was in town doing some Sunday shopping, so she was just convenient for my place, provided there was an appointment.  “Is it possible to have a three hour session today?” Jane asked.

“It is possible  (I said), but you’ll need to be here in about twenty minutes – prompt – because at 3.30, I’m meeting Mistress Jay at a restaurant.”

“Thank you, Mistress!  And also, this time, could you tie me up, very tightly, over the whipping bench…and would you go and leave me like that….for about an hour??”   “If I ask you to release me, just ignore me!!!”

“YOU NAUGHTY GIRL, JANE!!!!!   And you can stay there for an hour while I do some cleaning….and choose the canes that I will use across your backside!!!”

So, after an hour, I was ready for Jane.   I took her over my knee for a good hard bare-bottom spanking, until her bottom was red raw!!!   Then I got the straps out – the red straps – and gave a very hard whacking….until she gave me the safe word (Sunday was the word).

“I must say Jane, you really have toughened up during these last months of seeing me – you can take more and more of a caning with each visit!!!!”

Jane replied that I do a better job of the spanking and caning than her husband – and my spankings and canings had become an addiction with her.

“So I can expect to see you again, more often, after your Sunday shopping??? (I asked).



Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress