I got a call from Jane this week (Jane is Ian’s wife, and they are both familiar from other blogs of mine).

Jane wanted to book two hours with me, and today was the appointment.  I told Jane that there would be someone else in at the same time – a man – but Jane did not mind that, because he also was into spanking and caning.

Jane mentioned the recent blog that I wrote about her, her husband and the girls.  She told me that they were not drunk, they were just fooling around enjoying watching Ian receive his well deserved spanking, followed by the strap, and a fifty of the cane on his bare backside.

“When it came to our punishment  (said Jane)  I thought you were rather hard on Vivienne – to spank her on her bottom was okay, but not to give her ten of the cane – with or without  knickers down –  too much!!!!”

“Vivienne does have a lovely arse though  (said Jane) and I would like to have her over my knee sometime.  I would certainly enjoy spanking her!!!”

I order Jane to get her panties down and to get herself over my knee.  I give her a hard bare-bottom spanking.

There is then a knock at the door, and my other customer has arrived.   I order Jane to stand up and for her to place her hands on her head.

So the customer walks in, and asks what’s going on.  “I just wanted to surprise you  (I said).  What do you think to this bare-bottom spanking that I have just given to this young lady?”

“I’d like to give her a spanking too!!!”

So the man spanks her, and then after a while, I say I want to see Jane receive ten of the red handled cane – and to receive that ten from the man!!!!

I pride myself on being a hard caning Mistress, but a caning from a man has added brute strength to it…as I’m sure Jane won’t forget anytime soon!!!


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress