This week, I received a call from Mistress Helena, to ask me if she might borrow a few of my canes.  Helena and I help each other, so naturally I said yes, fine, no problem.

So, when I brought the canes to her place, and when Helena came to open the door, she was dressed in a purple and white Nun’s outfit of rubber – fantastic, very stunning – even to the Nun’s habit! 

“You look absolutely…wow…brilliant, SISTER HELENA”  (said I).   “So, what goes on inside??”

“There is a slave within these walls, waiting to be punished for his sins and  vices!!”  (said Helena).

“Is it okay if I may witness the confession and the punishment?” (I ask).   “Indeed you may, Mistress Tania.  It is vital that you come and hear the confession that will come from the slave’s lips, and witness the punishment he must receive.”

So, there inside, was  the slave – naked.   Sister Helena orders the slave to Kneel before her!  “I obey, Sister” (replies Slave).

“Firstly, said Sister, we must present to Mistress Tania the evidence of our slave’s sinful ways: a bag full of pornographic magazines – fowl, ungodly images and you can see that the slave’s favourite pages are tacky with his cum where it has splashed across the pages!”

“Books of the Devil”, says Helena, as she slaps the slave across his face with a porno-mag!

“More evidence – tissue fowled with cum – obviously this devil’s disciple has stopped for a wank on his way here today!”   “CAN YOU DENY THIS EVIDENCE, SLAVE?” (asks Helena).

“No I cannot deny the evidence of my sin!” (replies slave).

So, with evidence of his sin and vice so very obvious to see, I help Sister Helena to bind the slave to the railings of Helena’s staircase, and we take turns to cane the slave – he receives a strong six of the best from each of us – to drive the sin from the miserable slave’s body!

“Do you confess and apologise for your sinful ways, Slave?”    YES, screams the slave!!   Mercy I beg you, he screams in his torture  from the first round of six of the best!

“But we must be sure that your body, your soul and your thoughts are clean of  sin – SO, ANOTHER SIX OF THE BEST!”

Signing off,

Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress