I got a phone call earlier this week –  customer was returning for another TV session.   But, this time, he also asked me to arrange for a forced-bi.

“And what would you be in the mood for when I arrange this for you?”  I asked.

So the TV said, “Verbal and physical humiliation, spitting – on my face and into my mouth.  I will submit myself to force feeding – I’ll be your human ashtray, anything you like but, please, no scat”  

“NO SCAT!!  THAT’S A PITY!!” (I said, laughing, but only half joking.  Scat would have added something extra!)

He added “I would also like more nettle-play, as before, and please make us both drink your amber nectar!!”

Basically, this was much like his last session, but sessioning for two.

So I then said “You’ve asked to be part of a TV couple, and what’s the fantasy you have with that?” 

Now came the real detail: “You dress us both in lingerie, wigs, heels and make-up.  Then you make us perform for you!  You laugh and sneer at us both, as we snog and lick at each other, and  perform in the 69 position!!”   “Then, you put us into bondage, so that we’re strapped and bound closely, rubbing our clit sticks together!   You force me to play with his cock.  Then, ultimately, you make me suck him off!”

The phone call ended there.

Then the day of the session – 12 noon.

So, the TV’s arrive.  Tiffany first, already dressed in his TV stuff,  of stockings and lingerie, so he only required me to apply his make up, with the finishing touches of wig and high heels!   Fifteen minutes later, Sandra  arrives – but not yet ready for the part – so I already arranged TV wear for Sandra.

“Come on Sandra, get yourself changed into your bitch wear – hurry now!!”

“Now, both of you, I want you to come together – and to start I want you to lie down on the floor – to discover each other – to snog and lick at each other – WELL, GET ON WITH IT – THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE HERE FOR!!”

I watched over them both, and they performed a really enthusiastic act.  My sneers and laughter were genuine – as they were both very entertaining.  Tiffany was really taking a fancy to Sandra!

“Well now Tiffany, so if you really fancy Sandra that much, you ought to show Sandra more romance, and get to work on sucking her cock!  And you ought to let Sandra cum in your face!!” 

“I always like to see a TV couple get  close and personal with each other”  (so I then strapped and bound Sandra and Tiffany together).

Within a few minutes, Tiffany had sucked Sandra to completion!

“And now, you filfthy bitches, to punish you for your disgusting ways, you both need a good thrashing with fresh nettles across your bare arses!!”

“So then, which one of you bitches wants to be the first for some nettle play??”


Signing off

Mistress Tania,

Mature Huddersfield Mistress