Today a regular arrived at my door.  I’ve mentioned him before, not so very long ago:  the wife sends him for discipline, bare bottom spanking – he is the customer with that smirking ignorance across his face.

So he was back – with a knock at door.

He walked in, his smirk spread wide across his face.  I order him “get undressed, and take that bloody smirk off too!! – every time you’re here you’ve got the smirk fixed to your face!!”

In a very few minutes, he was undressed, except for underpants, and his hands crossed over to hide his erection.

“Well, we must see if we can break the smirk off your face today – OVER MY KNEE – NOW!!”   

I positioned him over my knee, at an angle with a wall mirror, so I could see his face in it – to see how the expression on his face would change, after I’d landed some hard bare-bottom spanking onto his arse!   I spanked him hard – very hard – for a full 5 minutes, but his smirk wasn’t shifting, and his arrogance wasn’t shaken – “Didn’t hurt in the least (he said), I think, perhaps, more energy is required!” (this reply he gave in a smirking, ignorant, superior tone).

“More energy?  Is that so, arrogant git?” (I replied).   “Well, I’ll show you energy now!   Jane sends you here, and expects to see marks across your bare bottom – a real good hiding!”  “NOW – GET YOURSELF OVER THE WHIPPING BENCH!”

I grabbed the waist band of his underpants, not to yank his underpants full down, just enough to reveal a good piece of bare bottom to strap with my long, red leather belt!

“NOW, WE’LL SEE IF THIS CAN’T GET THROUGH TO YOU!”  He then went quiet, as I began to launch a good strapping on his bare bottom.  His arrogant expression was beginning to leave his face, as my strapping got more intense!  “Not so arrogant now, are you! (I said).  But to be sure Jane can be satisfied with the end result, I’ll finish you off with a strong, hard, caning – of 12 strokes!!”  

With each stroke of the cane that I landed across his bottom, real progress was achieved!  The arrogant smirk on his face was replaced with the expression you get when your arse feels like its on fire with cane strokes!

On the 12th stroke, “Get up off of the bench!”  “Now, do you think Jane will be impressed with the finished result!  Energetic enough for you- you arrogant git?”

“Yes Miss, she will be impressed, thank you!  I have learnt my lesson!”

“Until the next time, you mean!” I replied.

Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Huddersfield Mistress