Last week Jane phoned again.  This is the Jane, you remember, with the smirking, arrogant husband.

Last time I dealt with her husband was hardly more than a fortnight ago – obviously the lesson of discipline which I dealt to him wore off very quickly, and, in no time, he was back at his old ways, being an arrogant smirking pain in the arse.

But, this time, when Jane phoned to book her husband in, she stressed that he had a medical due on the next day, which would require him to strip down to his underpants – so that, on no account, should I leave marks on him! “But, I still want him to receive punishment all the same” (said Jane).

To Jane, I suggested that with wet towel, he can have the same strength of spanking and strap, but with the wet towel over his arse, there will be no marks, only slight redness that would go in plenty of time for his medical!  It will cause the same hurt, nonetheless!!!

The Doctor he sees, a woman Doctor, is slim, sexy, bossy… and 50-ish …there is usually also a young female medical student to observe, and this sets her husband’s pulse racing with depraved thoughts – and these thoughts need beating out of him.

So,  now, the morning of his appointment at the dungeon, and his knock at the door!

As soon as he gets inside, I order to strip to his underpants, and also to strip the arrogant smirk off his face!

In a short while, he is stood in front of me, his hands crossed over his underpants, guarding his erection, with the smirk still across his face.

“I understand you have a medical due tomorrow, arrogant git – will they have shocking news to take the smirk off your face?!”   “Of course not, he replied, in arrogant tone, I’m fighting fit, not an ache, not a pain, not even a suspicious lump!”

“Well, you’ll be feeling sore indeed across your arse before you’re out of my place today!”  “But, to respect your wife’s request to leave no serious marks across you, I promise to leave none, BUT THE HURT WILL GIVE YOU HELL JUST THE SAME!”

“God knows what those quacks would think if you stripped to show off a bare bottom marked from my long red strap!”

“So lets give you a real strong bare bottom spanking – a very energetic spanking!” 

After 6 of the best spanks I can deliver, I just ask him, out of curiousity, about his depraved thoughts in the doctor’s surgery – “so, what is it that gets your pulse racing about this woman doctor?”  He replied – “I’d like to be bent over her knee with a prescription for a dozen bare bottom spanks!”  “You filfthy git – I’ll prescribe you a dozen bare bottom spanks – with my red strap!”

Signing off

Mistress Tania

Mature Huddersfield Mistress.