I am Mistress Tania, based in Yorkshire.  I have a wide range of experience –  professional, varied scenarios of CP, fem-d0m and role play to those who wish for every degree of humilation, depravation and control. 


Jane’s husband arrived 10am prompt.  There would have been hell to pay if he had not been on time.

He knocked at the door, and I opened it with the usual warm greeting – “Oh it’s you – get yourself inside!!”

He walks in and he asks me how I am – and I am my usual dominant self.

“Get stripped down to your underpants – quickly now!”

Once he has undressed, he returns to the dungeon.  I order him to stand still, and he folds his hands across his underpants with his stiff cock underneath.  Smirk creeping across his face.

“So, do you apologise to me for your outburst on the phone yesterday – about having an appointment on the golf course this morning?   Did you forget and slip for a moment and thought you were back home starting an argument with Jane??”

“Again, I apologise, Mistress”

“I suspect your apology isn’t genuine, so I think some punishment is required.  To begin –  the hardest bare bottom spanking of your life, then a six of best from my red belt, and another six from my red handled cane.”

“A hard bare-bottom spanking, followed by a belting, then a caning, sure brought the tears to his eyes!!”

No doubt I’ll see him again next month – when Jane thinks his discipline has lapsed again.

Signing off,


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress