I am Mistress Tania, based in Yorkshire. 

I have a very great experience of  dealing out all degrees of  Domination –  from moderate through to the very hardest levels of  fem-dom cruelty, and the dominant female in role-play scenarios of any scale!


Tonight, there has been a customer here who is seriously into the hardest degrees of  Judicial Punishment!

I met this guy three months ago for his first appointment.  He saw my website gallery of dungeon equipment – especially my range of canes and paddles.  And before his first appointment was done he was left in no doubt of my expertise and skill of delivering hard CP and judicial punishment!! 

He told me his thoughts were:  this woman does not mess…a woman not to be messed with!! 

So that’s a strong impression I made on him!!

I don’t think I have ever met a customer who liked their judicial punishment as hard and strong as this guy does.

Doesn’t matter how much the strength of punishment, he can endure it to an amazing degree, and he tells me that I am the most impressive Mistress he has ever met!

There’s only a small generation of Mistresses and Subs that know genuine CP and that type of discipline – with school years up to the 1980’s where you could get caned or slippered over your backside, or a ruler striking the palm of your hand!

I come from that background, so my experience is awesome and formidable…and be in doubt you’ll receive serious CP!!

So if you want to put yourself to the test of  the punishment that I can deliver –  make a booking to see me!

Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress