Today, I had a regular call for an appointment  –  I’ve been seeing him for about six years now.

He is a toilet slave, and he likes to see me wearing full fashioned lingerie – fine stockings, basque, with thigh length boots.  And the session begins with him kissing my boots, admiring my stockings and all.

We he arrives at my door, he likes me to welcome him into my dungeon – by dragging him in – by his cock.  In the whole time that I have seen him, he’s just been a slave for water sports.  His fantasy is that he wants to progress to hard sports.

I keep telling him that, after six years of him coming to see me, it is time that he must start receiving some hard sport from me.

He tells me that he does want to show his devotion to me, to fully serve as my toilet slave, but he’s always hesitated from it when the time came.

“Well, I order you to go that extra step today, slave!  No backing away from it today!  I have to plan carefully for hard sports!”  “And, besides, you know that it’s your fantasy to go for hard sports as well!!”

I lock him in the toilet box – he can’t change his mind on his fantasy now!!

I seat myself above his face, the slave secured and locked in the toilet box.  “Once you’ve tried this, you’ll want to again. It’s addictive!” I tell him.

I order him to open his mouth wide to receive this, what he has never tried before!!!

I then automatically let my amber nectar run fast into his mouth – this helped him swallow down my hard sport!

The slaves cock went hard, and he couldn’t help himself from wanking off  – hard and fast!


Signing off

Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress