Jane phoned yesterday to say that she wanted to call in, as she needed a good hard bare-bottom spanking, over my knee.  Skirt up and knickers down.

So, when Jane arrived for her appointment, she couldn’t wait to tell me that her husband had no idea that she had booked to see me. Jane said she wanted to feel the cane on her bare bottom for the first time!

“Well Lady, you’ve come to the right person (said I).”  “And I’m in the mood for dishing out a hard, strong spanking and caning.  So get yourself stripped down to your knickers!  “I’ll let you feel the cane after I’ve warmed your backside with my hand and then the strap!!”

So, there she was, stripped and ready to receive an assault on her bare bottom when my phone went.  It was her husband on the phone asking for an appointment.

It wasn’t convenient just then for him to have an appointment with me, especially as his wife was having her appointment with me right then.  However I told him to leave his phone on to hear the sounds of a lady getting her bottom spanked, strapped and caned!

So there it was – Jane got her punishment, and the husband heard his wife receiving her punishment.  And he turned up for his punishment later in the day – none the wiser that the lady he heard being caned over the phone earlier was his wife!

So for the first time, neither of them knew that they had both received sessions both in the same day.  I would have loved to have heard the chat between them at their bedtime.


Signing off

Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress