Hi, Slave Folks!

So, yesterday,  apart from the AB, I also had a slave with a stocking fetish in for an appointment.

Variety is the spice of life with the stockings slave I had on Wednesday.  Literally SPICY!!   Because, as part of the scenario,  he respectfully asked if I would wear a pair of stockings that I’d previously walked around in during the day before!

Stockings and underwear turned out to be the theme  of Wednesday – because  later in the day, I had a panty slave in to see me!

He laid himself  on the floor of my study trying to play touchy feely of my tight white panties!  The dirty dog also wanted to rest his head on what he called “panty pillow” – until I slapped his face away!

I then gave him 6 of the best for trying that – because as he was filthy enough to divert from his original scenario – I then changed the rules too 😉