Really busy day for Wednesday.

Beginning with Adult Baby – So I have everything ready for the infant role play!!

You may find this hard to believe, but he enjoys a 6 of the best, SO NAPPY YANKED DOWN – AND WHACK!!, WHACK!!!!!!!!!!, WHACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead of a conventional dummy, Wednesday’s AB enjoys a great, greedy suckle on my stocking toes!!!!

It is interesting to notice how a fetish/role play can overlap with each other – there are no boundaries – An adult baby can get off on foot worship, some slaves just want foot worship alone, other Adult Baby’s just choose that role as an alternative to beatings!

Wednesday evening – I will meet up with a very good Mistress friend of mine – Mistress Davina at her Leeds chambers – to a real good chat to catch up her news.

Davina has the most FANTASTIC chambers – never seen anything so mind-blowingly equipped!

Bye for now – more news later!