Jane was running late for an appointment.  Her day had got off to a bad start –  up late because of a poor night’s sleep, wide awake with thoughts of the appointment today.

Once Jane was in her car and on her way, she reached a stretch of road where the speed limit is 30.  Jane had exceeded 30 before on this stretch, no speed cameras to be seen, she’d never been stopped before or received a penalty notice.

Jane was desperate to make up for her late start.  So she put her foot down on the accelerator – to 40…to 50…then to 54.

Then…the police car siren. The police car flashing it’s warning POLICE STOP.  The police car pulled in front of Jane.

The Police Constable steps out of the patrol car, the WPC approaches Jane’s driver window.

“You’ve exceeded the speed limit, Jane!” (I said).  “Good God, Tania, I thought you were a constable!” said Jane.

“Shut up Jane” (I said).  “You were doing 54 on a road with a 30 limit. That will be  6 points on your licence and an on-the-spot cash fine of £500 – to be paid right now!”

Jane did not have that amount of money on her right then and there, so I ordered her to follow me to my special police station for a speeding awareness course.

At my police station, I give her one last chance – she must choose between giving me  £500 cash fine, with 6 points, or she goes over my knee for a hard bare-bottom spanking.  No way she can give me the  £500, so Jane decides she’ll have to take an over the knee spanking.

After a few minutes of Jane being over my knee, receiving a very hard round of spankings from me, I realise that Jane is getting turned on with my spankings on her.  So I put more strength into them.

When I’m finally finished with her, Jane looks at her red sore arse in the mirror.

She asks me what I will do if I find her breaking the speed limit again?

“Next time I catch you doing 50 or 60 miles on a 30 limit road, you’ll get a hard caning up to the 30 limit, and an even harder caning for every mile above that you exceed!”


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress