There she was, over my knee, skirt up, knickers down, bottom red and more to come.

It began, as usual, when Jane called to book her husband in, to be punished, for his bad behaviour at a party.

After we had sorted that, I asked Jane if she needed a spanking…and she admitted that she had been really naughty, and should be spanked hard, strapped harder and caned harder still!!!

I asked if Jane wanted anyone else present there to watch, to add to her punishment, and Jane said yes.  But it would need to be a friend of hers, if that would be okay.

When they arrived, the friend was an equally attractive woman, in her forties, who said that she, too, also needed a good hiding!!   So, I had two beautiful bottoms to attend to!!!

So, Jane was over my knee…and Sue watched nervously, as I spanked Jane’s gorgeous behind…Sue knowing that she would be next, and realising that it would hurt…hard!!!

When her turn came, Sue bent over and I got to work.   Ten minutes later, she stood up, looked in the mirror and said “WOW, THAT WAS GOOD!!!”  I promised her that she would not be saying that after the strap, or the cane, and then had them both over the spanking bench for a good hard dose of the red strap!!!!   FOLLOWED BY TEN EACH WITH THE RED HANDLED CANE!!

Afterwards, as they gently massaged each others bottom, they said they would have to bring Vivienne next time!!!   Three women to punish next time, and I may just need some help.   Any volunteers???

Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress