A customer of mine has been looking at my website (particularly a picture of me caning a slave), and also my twitter feed this week, and today I received a letter from this Customer.

(He says in his letter) that…I have the power to make him so worried, and excited both at the same time.

I have him in a state of being desperate to serve and please me, but worried of what I will do to him all the same!!!   And my recent blog about water sports gets him in a state…because he fears that water sport will be just the start….!!

There’s a bit in the letter that’s testing my patience….like he wants to argue with my power…he worries I will make him eat my scat, doesn’t want to eat my scat…but knowing I might make him eat scat sets him trembling!!   So could I do him a mock forced scat session!!??

So, moving on, this is how he will like his session to run…I say nothing and just start to work on him…tying up his feet, legs and arms, putting a strong gag into his mouth so he can’t say anything.   He is totally tied up on the floor, within a toilet box, with no means of escape!!

Now for mind games.

I tell him I’m going to force him to eat my scat…I tell him I’m pissed off with him, and I’m going to teach him a lesson.  I release the gag and I tell him I’m going to make him drink all my piss!!  If he doesn’t drink all my piss, I will make him eat my scat!   I shit on him, aiming for his mouth.  I leave him with scat over his mouth – he is keeping his mouth tight shut, so as not to swallow any, so I then grind the scat into his face with my boot.  I order him to clean himself up, and to clean my boots too!!

I force him to worship the soles of my boots….this gets him worrying again…thinking he’s missed some bits whilst cleaning them!!

I send him away from the session making him feel like a piece of nothing!!

My customer would still like to have a double dom session – with Mistress Helena and me – here are just a few of things he has thought about in double dom session…I don’t tell him where to attend for his session until the morning of the session, and when he gets to Helena’s we decide to get really strict with him, taking away his car keys, wallet and the rest of any means to escape.   We tease him, making him wear high heels whilst we imprison him!!!

Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress