So, I have this leather slave who is totally obsessed with leather – not only likes me to wear it, he dresses the same for his sessions.

A very naughty slave he is – cannot stop wanking.  Not just one wank a day – three or four times in a day.

He makes appointments to come and see me to worship my leather boots.  Today I had another lady with me – called Cassie – who has done double doms with me a few times now.   TWO MISTRESSES IN LEATHER TODAY – LEATHER SLAVE’S A LUCKY BOY!!

Mistress Cassie had Leather Slave over her knee for a jolly good spanking!  Leather Slave wears crotchless pants, that leaves him bare – right in the right spot for the spankings!!  He also has the liking for having his balls squeezed!!

He likes to get on his knees, shove his cock between my leather boots and rub himself off between my boots -it makes him horny, makes his cock very stiff!

When the spring and summer comes, I shall invite vanilla women to my home to meet this leather pervert and have him serve us wine and food.  I shall pass him round to each of my guests for them to have him over their knees for a good hard spanking.


Signing off

Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress