On Tuesday I will be receiving  a return visit from a customer who only came to see me for the first time just last week.

In fact, his session with me last week was his first session – ever – with any dom!

He enjoys a scenario of me as his Headmistress, but with some interesting twists to this dom role – he likes me to tease and touch him… in my leather gloves.

Teasing… touching… fondling him.

I also whisper to him my command that he must worship me, and to whisper to him of what I intend to do to him!!!

On Tuesday he will be on his way to see me again directly from finishing work for the day.    He will arrive in suit and tie…but ready in his kinky underwear of black pants…to worship me in my leather.   I will fit a dog collar around his neck, tie him to a bed and spank him hard!!!

The combination of me spanking him…fondling him…drives him up the wall with excitement!!!

You can bet that the hours will drag for him, as he waits for his next visit to me, particularly throughout Tuesday at his work, looking forward to his de-stress …looking into my eyes…to worship me again!!!

I know I have this guy well and truly hooked to this  – he tells me he has fantasised of this leather worship for a long time.

I must go on-line to look for something else that’s tempting…in long black leather gloves!!!


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress