A regular customer came today, but he wanted to talk to me before he came to see me.  He also wanted Mistress Jay to be in on his session.

He wanted me and Mistress Jay to wear high heeled shoes with painted toe nails… short skirts and blouses.  He wanted to be a girl and to be called Lucy.

He wanted us to push him around, humiliate him and mess with his head.  He wanted Jay and me to be a couple of girl bullies.

So now has come the time for his session, and the knock at the door from him.  I go to the door…I order him inside…”Get in here, Lucy!!”

Lucy comes inside, all shy, and Mistress Jay asks Lucy….”Have you ever been a lesbian’s girlfriend before?”

“Yes, lots of times,”  said Lucy…”Don’t fucking lie (said Jay) too fucking ugly!!!”  “I am a lesbian!!! (said Lucy)”

WELL HAVE YOU EVER PUT A DILDO UP INSIDE  AND PLAYED WITH YOURSELF (I asked).   Lucy went quiet and I took that to mean YES SHE HAD!!!

Jay said “Let’s get Lucy over the spanking stool, for us both to give her a fingering!!!”

We both got our gloves on, got the KY jelly and fingered her little bitch-hole!!!

I said “Lucy has been fucked and has been putting dido’s up herself – YOU HAVE, HAVEN’T YOU, LUCY???”


I said to Mistress Jay…”we are going to tie this little bitch up and leave her whilst we step out into town for a meal.”

Three hours later, we were back, and we found that Lucy had cum in her panties!!!

Jay burst out laughing and said…”we wouldn’t take you to bed…not with your bits all swampy with cum!!!”


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress