Jane called earlier today to book an appointment for her husband, Ian, for next week.

Jane had just found out that he was planning to visit another Mistress and she was absolutely furious with him – much more so than when she found out that he been playing spanking games with her best friend Sue.

Jane has forgiven both of them, because Jane does realise that Sue is a most attractive woman and does not have anybody in her life that will spank her bottom.  Sue offered Ian the chance to do that and, of course, Ian could not resist a pretty woman – over-the-knee, skirt up and knickers down.  Her bare bottom turning a nice, bright red!!  WHAT MAN COULD RESIST THAT TEMPTATION!!!

But did Jane really forgive Ian?   Hardly any  forgiveness and a lot of reminding him of  “everything she had done for him all the years she had been his wife…”  and the list of what she wants me to do at Ian when he shows for his appointment with me!!!

It will be the most severe beating that I have ever handed to him, and I hope he’s sitting comfortably when he reads this…as he certainly won’t be doing so for some time after he receives his punishment.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Ian’s face when he walks through the door!!   No doubt he will be apprehensive – and with good reason!!!

I wonder if Jane will come with him to enjoy seeing his reaction when he hears what he’s going to get???

I bet she won’t be able to resist tagging along and she’ll probably ask Sue to come along as well!!   I hope that’s just what Jane intends to do…because after I have finished with Ian, I’ll have Jane – then Sue – over my knee for a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking!!!

I’ll probably finish them off with the red strap, and then a few strokes with the red handled cane!!!

I really do enjoy punishing good looking women!!!


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress