I’m so glad you can’t sleep for your fear of how merciless I shall be with you when you arrive for your appointment with me.

By the way, I have now received the keys for your cock cage, so you have no option but to attend for your appointment.  After all, you can’t really go to a locksmith to release you, now can you???

And, yes, I will be sending you to Primark.  That will give you some extra time to get into a sweat with thoughts of what will happen to you when you return to my place.  I expect you to bring back the sluttiest blouse and skirt.

Before I send you shopping, I will take away your keys, mobile phone, cards and wallet.  Just a few pounds for your Primark stuff.  So you’ve really no place to go to!!

And, when you do come up from town, you know you can’t expect an inch of mercy from me.  You’ll be held in my cellar, stood in the most uncomfortable pair of heels I can find for you – to live off your nerves a little longer,  until I’m ready to empty my brown stuff down your mouth.

So what if your hood and funnel don’t arrive in time for your appointment???!!!!  It doesn’t excuse you from not swallowing all my brown stuff!!!  You can crawl on the floor and swallow up anything you didn’t catch first time!!!

Happy nightmares, Tony B!


Signing off

Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress