You will be familiar with my customers Ian and Jane from my previous blogs.

When Ian came to see me recently for his usual punishment he received a good, hard spanking over my knee for 10 minutes, then 80 with the red strap and, finally, 36 strokes of the cane.  You’ve probably seen 12 of them on Twitter.

When we’d finished the session, Ian handed me a letter from Jane, who has always booked his appointments with me.  The letter outlined the punishments Ian has  received over the twenty years that Jane’s been sending Ian to see me.

Letter read as follows:

“Thank you for keeping Ian in line these 20 years.  I have booked him in to see you nine times every year, which means of course that he’s seen you on at least 180 occasions – plus maybe a few that I have no knowledge about!!  There will be real trouble for Ian if I ever find out that he’s paid visits without me knowing!!!”

“On each visit he spends at least ten minutes over your knee GETTING A GOOD, HARD BARE-BOTTOM SPANKING – meaning he’s spent over 30 HOURS IN THAT MOST UNCOMFORTABLE POSITION!!!   After the hand spanking, you always place him over the bench for a minimum of 80 with the red strap = 14,400 stripes across his bare backside over those twenty years!!!”

“Finally, as you know, he takes the red handled cane with, at least, 24 strokes – sometimes more – depending on how naughty he’s been, and whether he shows that he’s really sorry for his bad behaviour.  All those 24 strokes at a time add up to at least 4,320 strokes of the cane!!!”

“More recently, you’ve also been taking care of my punishment – and my bottom knows (only too well) how hard you spank, strap and cane, so I have to believe that Ian actually enjoys coming to visit you, and that’s why he starts being naughty every five or six weeks.”

“Ian tells me that he explained on his last visit why I haven’t been to see you lately, but I have now recovered from the TOO HARD CANING I RECEIVED FROM A FRIEND’S HUSBAND when we decided to take part in a partner swapping punishment session, and I will be in to visit very soon!!!”

I do hope Jane comes back in soon, as I really enjoy punishing her beautiful bottom after I’ve pulled down the stylish lacy knickers she always wears.  And I wonder if Jane will bring me a letter telling me how many times she’s been spanked, strapped and caned!!!

Maybe I should ask Ian for that information.  If I find out, I’ll let you know!!!


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress