I have a customer who I  usually see once every six weeks.

I am told that, at work, he is the office sex pest – when opportunity presents – any situation where he can manage to brush himself past a woman’s leg or chest.

His wife, Jane, knows her husband’s underlying weakness is not the causal grope of the women at work.  Even if he failed that day, he can still make out he had several touches.  Jane knows that, underneath the deep cockiness and the sex pest ways, there is, in fact, a submissive craving to get his wife to whip his arse!

Jane has knowledge of her husband’s workplace habits.  It is Jane that has confided these details.  It is Jane who makes the appointment for her husband to attend my dungeon!

Jane phoned again two days ago.



I have him facing in front of me, himself naked – wearing just his underpants plus a smirk.  His wife and I both understand his cock is uncontrolable at sight of  her or me wearing the most fashioned lingerie, panties and stockings.

He has both hands crossed over his underpants guarding his privates, but his sight of me, in panties and stockings, makes  his cock unruly!

I order him “Take your hands away from your underpants”.   He obeys but the smirk remains. “Smirk off your face also!”

Lets just see if I can’t bring your cock under control, before I really whip the hide of your arse!

I remind him “hands away from your pants and cock”. 

His cock remains defiant and hard in his underpants, so I give it a few gentle to slight taps with a paddle – not to injure – but to get his cock harder, more defiant, more aroused – to work  a confession from him!

“Confess what you’re now thinking of ?  You thinking of me, or the women at work?  OR ME AS ONE OF YOUR WOMEN AT  WORK?”

“ONE OF MY WOMEN AT  WORK” came the reply.

“You insolent bastard”  I reply sharply, and the slap I gave across his face followed so automatically, I even surprised myself.”

“Over my knee to get a bloody hard spanking!”  However this fails to get through to him.

“A dozen canings on your arse for that – and a severe going over with my red strap to beat the insolence out of you!”

His face changed when I struck hard canings on his arse.

A bit later that day I receive a call back from Jane.  Her imagination of what I have done with her husband has gone wild, and she asks could she have an appointment with me –  for herself?

Signing off

Mistress Tania, Huddersfield

Mature Yorkshire Mistress