So, I had a new guy in today who had booked ahead for this appointment last week.

With new slaves, I sit them down to find out a bit more about them for the session to run okay, and so on…

To get to the point now, I asks him what he’s into, and his reply was “you wouldn’t believe what I’m into.”  My reply was that I would believe anything of  a slave’s behaviour and ways, no matter how peculiar it may be!

But the rest of his background story had me stuck for a reply… for a time.

“You see (said slave) I like to approach young black men, in public toilets, and er…ask them if they would shag me up my arse!   And if  it happens to be a large gents toilet, in a secluded park, like you get on November afternoons, and if  there’s plenty of  time, I, er… like to be gang fucked by three or four black men in a session”.

“Ahhh, yes, said the slave, once you’ve tried black, there ain’t no looking back!”

The  guy was already stripped naked in the dungeon, so I did just take a peep at the length of his tool.  “Well, I judge by its size, and I can well imagine that you would be the pussy in the relationship?”   And, just tell me slave, exactly how BIG is best for a black man’s tool?”

Slave calmly said his prefered length…about 9″ … best fit!

I laughed in some surprise at the guy (his appearance and manner seemed at sharp odds with his cottaging habits).  I then ordered him to BEND – to receive my big black strap on that makes 9″ look modest!

“I hope you’ve got room enough up there” I said, as I started sliding in my strap on!”    A little later, as he was leaving, I did just ask, “Where are you off to this afternoon?”


Signing off,

Mistress Tania, Huddersfield

Mature Yorkshire Mistress