I am Mistress Tania, based in Yorkshire. 

I have a very great experience of  dealing out all degrees of  Domination –  from moderate through to the very hardest levels of  fem-dom cruelty, and the dominant female in role-play scenarios of any scale!


Today came a guy that I’ve never met before and he was here for an hour and half.

He said he wasn’t a novice.  Said he used to visit a Mistress regularly – she trained him up – but now that Mistress had retired.

Usually he likes plenty of poppers, with hoods, gags, restricted breathing and bondage.  With anal penetration and water sports.

This morning he phoned me up to confirm his appointment for 4pm this afternoon.  Sounded very nice, easy-going and fun, and I was looking forward to meeting him.

So, now, at 3.45pm, he phoned to say he was here.  I told him where to park up, then to come to my door.  Took him through to my dungeon for us both to discuss details of the session a little more.  In our discussion, he mentioned he’d also been with a man, and I replied “I’d love to see that, find it quite amusing, and that that would have be arranged for a next time.”

So, as for this afternoon, I told him to strip naked, and I then fastened him to my spanking stool.  I put a hood on him, then ordered him to sniff at the poppers.  As he was sniffing up at the poppers, I was getting a big butt plug ready to shove up his backside – and, wow, he absolutely loved that!

Then I got the electrics – inserted one of them around his balls and the other at the end of his cock.  I then said “I’m going to get the magic wand out to play with myself!!”   He said “I’ve never seen that before”.

“so you’ve never seen a woman make herself cum before?” 

“That’s fantastic, never seen that before in my life!” said he.

I was playing with myself with the magic wand, he was going crazy with arousal, kissing my stocking feet like fury!

After I made myself cum, I pulled out the butt plug from him, then fitted my strap on to then give him a real good fuck up the arse.  He thought this was fantastic beyond belief.   He wanted me to get the strap on as far as possible up his arse  – I ordered him to move his dirty little slutty arse to the rhythm of me fucking him up there! 

All the time I was fucking him, he kept on talking about men, and especially the  man that he spoke of earlier!


I took him in the bathroom, with good timing as I was bursting for a pee.  I pissed on his face and into his mouth.  I then let the rest of my amber nectar run all over his balls and ordered him to cum!

A good session, really enjoyed it…and I think he liked it too!

Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress