I am Mistress Tania, based in Yorkshire.  I have a wide range of experience –  professional, varied scenarios of CP, fem-d0m and role play to those who wish for every degree of humilation, depravation and control. 


A slave of mine comes from South Yorkshire once a month.

Always sends me a letter ahead of his sessions to say what he wants in session.  He especially enjoys double dom – usually with Mistress Helena.

The letter came today, in preparation for the session next week.  At the end of the letter, he asked me to tweet him once I’d read through the details.    He particularly asks me to tweet him with instructions for what colour pants and tights he must wear. 

This time I have ordered that his colour will be pink.

He wants very similar things each time – but mostly bondage and humiliation with double dom. 

His sessions typically run like this:  he wants to be inspected and fitted with a zapper, then to have French nipple clamps fitted.  Then to be put into ankle/wrist stocks.  

I change and then send for Mistress Helena.  In the meantime, I choose the best position for the violet wand. I  change the position for waxing, and put the slave into ball clamp.

With the preparation of the slave complete, I have coffee with Mistress Helena.

Mistress Helena then deals out strong humiliation to the slave – not the shouting type – but firm, cruel and cutting remarks.  She refers to him being “a titless, clitless slave!”

A little later, the zapper is removed and then the parachute fitted.   He is now placed with his arms stretched up and his legs spread wide whilst Mistress Helena and I decide how much weight the slave can bear before he cries out the safe word.

His chosen safe word is usually whatever day of the week it is.

We then fill his pants with ice cubes, then the use of a hair dryer to melt them.

We take turns to slap his balls with riding crop until the session ends with his repeat of the safe word.  


Signing off

Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress