You probably remember Sue, a very attractive 45 year old, who came to see me, with Jane, a few weeks ago, and enjoyed getting her bottom spanked.

Sue said that she would be back and, when she called to book an appointment, for two people, I naturally assumed that the other person would be Jane. So, imagine my surprise when she turned up with Ian – Jane’s husband.

What I heard next made me quite cross, as they openly told me that they had been enjoying spanking sessions together!!!   And who knows what else!!!

When I asked whether Jane knew about it (Ian and Sue’s spanking sessions without Jane) they just burst out into laughter, which got me very angry – which is not a good idea.

So, over my knee went Sue – for a really hard, skirt up, knickers down, bare-bottom spanking.  Followed by the slipper, and then six of the best with my red handled cane.  Ian’s face was a picture, as he watched Sue receive her punishment.   Because he knew that I was angry, and also knew that he would receive a severe good hiding…..and he did so, after being over my knee for a hard ten minute spanking!!

He then got a full hundred with the red strap, and then thirty with the cane!!!!



Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress