I got a phone call from Jane’s husband today.  He said he was due for a session, and could he see me?

We fixed a time, and I get a knock at my door, just expecting Jane’s husband.  When I opened the door, there was Ian…with three ladies…Jane, Vivienne and Sue.   All I could say was…”I only expected one at my door…not four of you…but do come in!   I expect you’ve come to witness the caning!!!”

I offered them a drink.  I had a bottle of champagne in, shared it round – why not make it a bit of a party!!

Ian said…”champagne for the five of us – great!!”  “FOR JUST THE FOUR OF US, I SAID!!!”

Every time Ian comes to see me he has his hands crossed over his stiff cock!!   I told him to take his hands away, and hands on head!!!  When Jane, Vivienne and Sue then saw Ian’s stiff cock, they all three burst out into laughter.

I pulled my chair into the centre of my dungeon floor.  Sat myself down, and said to him…”GET YOURSELF OVER MY KNEE FOR A HARD BARE-BOTTOM SPANKING!!!!”

So I spanked him – very hard – until his arse had turned deep red raw!!!  His face also turned red with embarrassment of being punished and made to look an idiot in front of witnesses.

After I gave Ian the bare-bottom spanking, I forced him over the whipping bench.   But before I gave him the caning with red handled cane, I realised the champagne had finished, so to keep the party going, I offered my guest witnesses the red wine.

So then I began laying into him with the red handled cane, and the girls had got extremely tipsy, and senseless!!!   By the time I got through with Ian, the girls were legless and vulnerable!!!

I finished Ian off and then turned on Jane, Vivienne and Sue…to deal out punishment on them!!


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress