I have a customer who travels up from the Midlands to see me, once a month – to receive a very hard caning!!

As I’ve said in previous blogs, he always likes to have an audience of ladies present – to witness him being caned.   He particularly likes to look up the skirts of the lady witnesses – to catch a good look of their panties!!!

So, when he comes for his session, there are two chairs placed together, so that he can kneel over them, so that whilst he is being caned, he is also in best position to peep straight up the ladies skirts to get best view of their panties!!!

He knows that he staring up at women’s panties is not acceptable behaviour in most situations – that is why he knows he must also receive fifty hard strokes of my cane!!!!

The session that I dealt out to him last week was the hardest round of canings I have ever given him!!!

He texted me tonight to say it was quite a thrashing that I gave him and he still can’t sit down for being sore and raw!!!!!


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress