I have a double dom session this coming  Monday, Mistress Helena and myself.  Our victim will be Tony B – our toilet slave.

I am teasing him at the present time, because I know he will be shitting himself – so I am tormenting him with what I may do with him next week.

He cannot understand how a usually normal man, like himself, can be so desperate to be controlled by me, and that he will allow himself to be totally degraded by me.

At the moment he has his cock cage on, and I have forbidden him to touch himself.  Tony B has never met Mistress Helena before.  Mistress Helena is excellent at dealing out humiliation and degradation, and she will thoroughly enjoy herself come Monday!   Her dungeon has a prison cell, and Tony B will either love that…or it will drive him crazy!!

So, Tony B, it’s very straightforward – you submit to our dominance and obey, or you get the worst from both of us.

And the worst from the both of us will be served on a platter!!

Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress