In the morning I received a visit from a sub.

He phoned earlier in the week, and as with any respectful sub, he was present at my door, at the appointed time.  This sub wanted a domestic scene, with a sitting room location, so this was arranged.

He said that all wanted was to be given a really good spanking, so I spanked him thoroughly.

However this seemed a bit minimal to my experience,  so I had also packed extra straps, slippers, and such,  to find the limit of what the sub could take.  I left the bag of these purposely open to see if he would  get interested in its contents.

Asked him if he would like to try anything from the selection – he picked out various straps from what I had brought.    I dealt him 10 strokes from each slipper and strap which he chose!

The result – a really satisfied customer who wished to see me again!

Signing off,


Mistress Tania of Huddersfield

Mature Yorkshire Mistress